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  • Consultations Consultations

    It’s not a secret that for a successful start of weight management - Initial Consultation is vital. A typical session takes around 45 min during which we discuss your current eating habits, lifestyle choices, run through your dietary analysis and talk about your desired goals. As well as create an action plan!

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  • Meal plan Meal Plans

    The advantage of a Personalised Meal Plan is that it helps to incorporate new eating habits into your current lifestyle and personal goal. Without drastic changes and significant restrictions its aim is to accommodate your dietary preferences, cooking times and most importantly - meet the nutritional requirements.

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  • Receive support Follow ups and Support

    Sometimes it's just not enough to have a meal plan or a single consultation, sometimes you just need a person who will understand and support you throughout! For this reason we created the option of regular follow ups, to discuss any obstacles and praise successes.

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"Many might think healthy diets are too complicated or tasteless and it’s difficult to find time for physical activity. I, however, believe in Easy + Tasty + Healthy meals and that finding time for physical activity is easier than you think! All we need is the right support and guidance."

Who Is On The Other Side?

  • Founder of Beutrition is Beata Andrzejewska a Registered Biomedical Scientist with a deep interest and knowledge in nutrition. She successfully accomplished an Accredited Advance Nutrition and Weight Management course together with becoming a member of RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health).
  • Beata has also gained an Exercise to Music Instructor Certification and continues to keep an active lifestyle.
  • Specialises in healthy weight loss management, transitioning to vegetarian and vegan diets, adopting healthy eating habit changes to suit one's lifestyle, sports nutrition.
  • Working with clients pushed her to create a consulting service for people who want to make a change in their food choices but require a little bit of guided assistance.

Our Customers Love What We Do

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    I loved the personalized approach and all the dedication throughout my journey with Beutrition - thank you so much for helping me reach my goals! Would recommend it to everyone!
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    I had 2 consultations and a 2 week meal plan that was designed exclusively for me to lose weight. The meals were very easy to cook, and my husband enjoyed them as well which means I didn't have to cook separately! Recommend everyone who’s thinking about making real changes to their eating habits. Very personal and highly professional approach! I have lost 10 cm from my waist since I started working with Beata!
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    Loved that it is very, very much personalised, Beutritionista has kept in touch throughout all 4 weeks and each Weekly Meal Plan was tailored to my preferences! Result - lost 5 cm from my waist!

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