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17 Oct 2020

Top Tips On Losing Weight When Eating Out

Eating out is an inseparable social part of our lives. Whether it’s a birthday, a leaving do or Christmas party you go out for a meal and drinks. Why? Because it’s easy and convenient. Fair enough I’d say, but what if you’re trying to lose some weight and do not want to miss out on social gatherings? 


No need to sacrifice one for another, you can do both! However, if you really want to be successful at it, you may have to prepare and do your research first. 

Normally, if an event is being organised, you know the venue in advance. Use that to your advantage! Look at the menu earlier and decide what you’d fancy eating. Information these days is limitless and if the restaurant is in the swim then it’ll definitely have an online menu version. Who knows, it may also include nutritional info with it!  As a matter of fact, they must provide the nutritional menu due to allergens and other bits (just saying). 


It isn’t enough to just choose beforehand (you wish!), make sure you are picking the right stuff. Fancy pizza? Not a problem, few alterations and you’re good to go. Try to minimise the overall calorie intake in an unnoticeable way! 

If there is a size option - choose the medium or smaller size, actually children options are not that small these days - worth thinking about it;

If there is a lower calorie option - clarify in which way is it lower (Pizza Express cuts out the middle base and replaces it with salad so you can’t see it! Hilarious);  

Choose thin Italian style crust, wholemeal if possible (at least you’ll feel satiated for longer) 

Pick toppings that are actually beneficial for you i.e roasted vegetables, ham, mushrooms, pineapple (sounds like hawaiian pizza, nom nom nom)

So psychologically, you are not restricting yourself. Craved for pizza? Here you go! The important thing is you are making conscious decisions about your food this time and that is extremely beneficial if you want to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. 

On the other hand side, you might think ‘I’ll have a salad’ (so stereotypical if on a diet). The truth is - salad might contain as many calories as a normal American style pizza. We think that we’re having a healthy and balanced option in the restaurant, but suddenly - my salad has 900 kcal?! Good news - it’s easy to fix! The majority of unwanted calories in a salad comes from the dressing. Thus, if you are on a calorie deficit just ask the waiters to bring the dressing separately. Problem solved :)

These I found exceptionally useful when myself was on a calorie deficit. Not having a desert wasn’t my main problem, choosing wisely was!

REMEMBER: Knowledge is power, food knowledge is wisdom!